Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Being on TV, Updates, and everything else...

Here I am getting ready to go on Live at 5 at 4:

It was great!  Here are a couple more "behind the scenes" photos:

Ed Rupp in the Traffic Studio  : )

About to be On The Air!!!

It was a ton of fun to be a part of that.  Makes me want to be on TV all the time!  : )

So our 2nd weigh in is tomorrow.  I can't say I am super excited.  I didn't do great during Thanksgiving, and really only got "dialed in" to my diet in the last week or so.  But we shall see.  I have been hitting the weights pretty regularly, and done several runs, including one on Saturday with a big group.  We started at Eddie's Health Shoppe.  Here's a picture from Missy.

I'm in the bottom right.  Got four miles in, although I basically walked the 4th mile...

So anyway, just wanted to give an update before the big weigh in tomorow.

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  1. I didn't really get started on my journey till January, Ken. There's still plenty of time to make up for lost time over the holidays. Keep rockin' steady - we're proud of you!