Friday, January 4, 2013

Month 2 Results plus inside info from a former Biggest Loser contestant

So we had our month two weigh-in last month.  I lost 12 pounds, which was a couple more than I anticipated, which was good.  Still not "in the lead" in that a couple of the guys have lost more in total, but I am not displeased with my progress.  More than anything, I can feel a difference, and I am really focused, which feels great.  I am looking to make this month a "big" month, so I hope to report some great numbers 30 days from now.

So one of the many many cool things of being a part of the Covenant Health Biggest Winner Team is that one of our coaches is Joe Mitchell, a former NBC Biggest Loser contestant.  It was really neat talking with him last night about life on the ranch, and how they really go about losing all that weight so fast.  I don't think he told us anything he wouldn't mind sharing.  I got two big takeaways from Joe last night.  The first biggest takeaway I got was the insight that during there time on the ranch, the contestants are moving, basically, all day.  Literally from the time he got up in the morning, to sometimes as late as midnight, they were either walking, running, hiking, or in the gym (when they weren't eating or in the bathroom of course).  So they burn something crazy like 8000 calories per day!  With a caloric intake of roughly 1500 calories for him, so you can see why they lose big amounts of weight each week.  Those types of numbers really isn't realistic for most normal people with jobs and lives and such.  But what it does show me is what we as humans and what are bodies are really capable of, given the right circumstances.

I really wanted to join Joe this morning at Fort Sanders for a 6:00 am spin class.  Not because I like spin classes, in fact, I have only taken one and I basically hated it.  It made my rear end hurt in a way that I hope to never experience again.  But I know if I can do that spin class on those 3 days per week, thats 1000 extra calories that I burned.  Can I get up at 5:30 am?  Yes.  Did I want to?  No.  So it goes back to the mental battle.

And I will leave this post with the other big takeaway.  The Biggest Loser is on it's 14th season starting Sunday, so at this point there is a bit of an Alumni of past contestants.  Most everybody loses weight while they are on the show, whether they stay on the ranch or get sent home, and see results.  What I think is interesting is what happens after.  1 year later, 2 years later, 5 years later.  It is a mixed bag.  Some people do well and keep it off, others struggle.  Joe shared the reason that most people struggle is that they view weight loss as a Starting point, and and Ending point.  "Once I get to where I am going, I can relax and start living like I used to again."  For those of you who have known me for some time, you know I fit into that catagory, but that is info for a whole other post altogether.

This is a journey, but a unique one in that there really isn't a destination.  There are always goals, new challenges, new ways to push yourself and surprise yourself and do things that you have previously said you would not or could not ever do.  I hope my struggles and successes help inspire others to find their own new and exciting challenges.

Joe Mitchell, Biggest loser contestant and Knoxville Marathon Team Biggest Winner Coach


  1. Great post, Ken! Joe is an inspiration to all of us - and you are, too!

  2. Great post! The mental challenge is most often the hardest! Keep up the good work and surround yourself w/ people who will help hold you accountable!

  3. Like the name... The Bane Train and keep it up you are making lifelong changes And your sweet wife seems really behind you and proud of your progress